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The Conference Center of the Hotel Lombardia has 6 Meeting Rooms of various sizes that can accommodate up to a total 400 people. All meticulously detailed, our rooms have natural light and equipment dedicated to every type of meeting.
With us, you can host Conferences, Workshops, Corporate Meetings, Events for local and sector communities; Corporate Events, Incentives; Conventions.
In short, the Conference Center at Hotel Lombardia is the ideal place for your business.

Alberto Hall

172 sqm

up to 140 people

This 172 square meter room can accommodate up to 140 people. Thanks to its functional design and theater-style layout, this room is truly spacious.

The room is equipped with the following equipment: Video projector, WiFi (high-speed connection), Custom audio system tailored to the needs of the speakers, Giant screen, Flip charts. Upon request, the room can be set up for simultaneous translations and streaming connections.

For each of the rooms it is possible to download the color PDF containing the mapping of the room, the technical data and some photos.

School desks: 60 people
Horseshoe: 40 people
Theater: 130 people
Cabaret:40 people

Margherita Hall

120 sqm (square meters)

up to 110 people

This room has an area of about 120 square meters and can accommodate up to 110 people arranged in theater style. With convenient access from the street, guests do not even have to go through the hotel.

This room includes: Video projector, giant screen, WiFi (fast line) and reliable for any type of connection even remotely. In the foyer it is possible to carry out a catering and coffee break service or other type of catering.

School desks: 55 people
Horseshoe: 40 people
Theater: 110 people
Cabaret: 28 people

Elena Hall


up to 35 people

This 72 m2 room is equipped with natural light and can comfortably accommodate up to 35 people. The technical equipment is standard: video projector and screen, WiFi (fast line), audio system, flipchart.

School desks: 30 people
Horseshoe: 26 people
Theater: 35 people
Cabaret: 28 people

Sofia Hall

69 sqm (square meters)

up to 35 people

It is a 69 m2 room with a comfortable adjacent foyer which makes it perfect for company training courses. In addition to the technology (video projector, WiFi internet connection, flipchart, sound system), this room has an extra lounge for organizing catering activities of all kinds.

School desks: 30 people
Horseshoe: 24 people
Theater: 35 people
Cabaret: 20 people

Diana Hall

66 sqm

up to 30 people

With its 66 m2, this room can comfortably hold up to 30 people. It is a multifunctional and convenient room.

School desks: 24 people
Horseshoe: 20 people
Theater: 30 people
Cabaret: 26 people

Edoardo Hall

28 sqm (square meters)

up to 16 people

This is the smallest of our rooms and, with its 28 m2, it is ideal for a small group of entrepreneurs or colleagues.

School desks: 12 people
Horseshoe: 12 people
Theater: 16 people
Cabaret: 12 people

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